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Fireproofing - Industrial

Carboline has been the leader in industrial fireproofing for over 30 years.  Our complete line of industrial fireproofing products offers a level of unparalleled performance in the refining and petrochemical industries.  With both epoxy intumescent and high density cementitious fireproofing product offerings, we are able to meet any project specification in the industry.  All of our industrial fireproofing products have been rigorously tested and have a proven track record of performance when subjected to the harshest environmental conditions and the extreme heat of hydrocarbon fire.

Fireproofing - Industrial Projects

Fireproofing - Industrial Files

- Fireproofing Brochure - Acceptable Primer List - Acceptable Topcoat List
- Industrial Fireproofing - Setting the Story Straight - Pyrocrete 241 Brochure - Pyroclad X1 Brochure


Carboguard 1341 Clear
Pyroclad X1
Pyrocrete 241
Thermo-Lag 3000