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The power industry is presently in a very competitive era fueled by deregulation which demands the efficient and effective use of budgeted dollars. Our coatings for new construction provide long term protection against chemical, abrasive, high temperature, and atmospheric environments, but these products also help to facilitate effective construction scheduling and productivity. In-service conditions, corrosion influences from nearby industries, environmental issues, and close public scrutiny demand practical maintenance coatings which provide aesthetic value and extended corrosion protection for the lowest annualized cost.  Carboline offers a wide range of products capable of handling these diverse requirements for the power industry. In addition, our project engineers are available to help you develop site-specific programs to optimize maintenance costs and capital dollars.

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Carboguard 878
Carboguard 891
Carboguard 891 FC
Carboguard 893
Carbomastic 18 FC
Carbomastic 18 NT
Carbomastic 242
Carbothane 133 HB
Carbothane 133 HG