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The Marine and Offshore division of Carboline has been recognized as a predominant supplier of high performance, long life coatings exposed to a severe marine environment for a great number of years. Our expertise in providing products and technical service to the marine industry is invaluable to our customers.  Carboline offers a comprehensive line of zinc primers, epoxy anticorrosive, high performance topcoats and antifoulings that will provide service for up to 60 months. Our high temperature coatings, interior primers and finishes, surface tolerant coatings, and highly chemically resistant tank linings shows the range in our ability to provide high quality coatings for virtually any service requirement.

Carboline's service network can take care of any vessel, from offshore service vessels, tugs and barges, vehicle and personnel transportation vessels and deep sea shipping to provide the same high level of product technology and service that has become the standard in the industrial coatings market.

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- Marine Systems Guide - Ballast Tank Lining Flyer


Carbocoat 1342 Primer
Carbocoat 1343 Finish
Carbocrylic 1290
Carbocrylic 1295 HS
Carboglas 1590
Carboglas 1601 SG
Carboguard 635
Carboguard 878
Carboguard 888
Carboguard 890
Carboguard 891
Carboguard 891 FC
Carboguard 893
Carboguard E 19 LT
Carboguard E 19 Primer
Carbomastic 18 FC
Carbomastic 18 NT
Carbomastic 19 AL
Carbomastic 20
Carbomastic 242
Carbothane 133 HB
Carbothane 133 HG
Carbothane 134 HP
Carboweld 11
Carboxane 2000 Topcoat
Carboxane 2434
Carbozinc 11
Carbozinc 858
Phenoline 187
Phenoline 353 LT
Phenoline 385
Thermaline 400
Thermaline 400 EU
Thermaline 4700 Aluminium