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Carboline has been the leader in formulating environmentally responsible high performance coatings for over 60 years. Carboline has an extensive line of coatings offering cost-effective alternatives for protecting and finishing OEM products, tanks and equipment. Carboline's broad selection of products is designed to help minimize VOC and HAP's emissions as well as waste disposal. Our direct to metal formulations reduce labor costs, improve safety, increasing production and positively impact your bottom line.  Our ability to offer a combination of high performance protection, corrosion resistance and aesthetic value sets Carboline apart from the competition.

Carboline OEM Engineered Finishes group is a dedicated team that focuses entirely on servicing the needs of the OEM industry.  Our experience and understanding of the requirements involved in the production process as well as the performance requirements needed for the OEM market allows us to utilize our full line of high performance products to meet your needs. We understand how to help make your coating applications effective and efficient. Our technical sales engineers are available to help address material performance and optimizing your coating process.

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